What to Expect

When you first call for an appointment, your information will be obtained including how you were referred to our practice, a brief description of the problems you are experiencing, and what insurance company you have.  Assuming there is a fit between the type of problem you are experiencing and and our clinical capabilities, you will be contacted and an appointment scheduled and the consultation process will begin.

What’s a Consultation?

The initial consultation is the process of learning as much as we can about you.  This usually involves some combination of listening and asking questions.  We will want to know about the current difficulties you are experiencing, when they began, how they have progressed.  We also want to know what approaches you have taken to alleviate these symptoms and the results of these efforts.  What has helped and what has not helped in the past will help us understand your situation and help us generate therapeutic recommendations.  We will also want to know you family history in order to know if anyone else in your family has suffered from similar psychiatric problems.

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  Villa Rica Office
  690 Dallas Hwy, Suite 201
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  Tel: 678.840.8446
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Business Hours
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Lithia Springs Office  
560 Thornton Road, Suite 120  
Lithia Springs, GA 30122  
Tel: 678.840.8446  
Fax: 678.945.4221  

Business Hours
Tuesday: 8-5 (closed 12-1)
Thursday: 8-5 (closed 12-1)
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