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The First Step
The first step in receiving the right help for a mental health problem is receiving a comprehensive psychiatric assessment.   The Neuropsychiatric Clinic of Atlantis gathers pertinent information in order to make a determination of the most likely diagnosis and effective treatment.  The Neuropsychiatric Clinic considers all aspects of a patient’s situation when determining the best treatment modalities – including information about health, illness, and past treatments (medical and psychiatric); family health; and a thorough psychiatric interview.  The Neuropsychiatric Clinic of Atlantis works closely with patients and their family members from the very beginning to ensure that we have identified the key problem and are adequately addressing them.

The Acute Phase
The initial phase (acute phase) treatment shall be the initial assessment, weekly or biweekly follow-up to monitor clinical response to psychiatric medications and potential side effects, additional laboratory workup, neuroimaging (MRI, CT) and/or EEG, consultations with other physicians and/or referral to psychotherapist.   Follow-up visits will usually be 20 minutes or possibly longer depending upon the severity of the case.

The Treatment Phase
The next phase (treatment phase) shall consist of monthly appointments with minor adjustments to medications, compliance issues, etc.  As these appointments tend to be shorter, Dr. Warner encourages patients to schedule an appointment sooner if complications arise before the next appointment in order to schedule more time to address these issues.

The maintenance phase is typically after the patient is in full remission or baseline functioning that can be reasonably expected depending upon the severity (i.e. schizophrenia, dementia) of the illness.  Maintenance treatment will likely be necessary for recurrent depression, bipolar depression, etc.  Appointments in this phase will typically be every 2-3 months with a focus on medication refills and minimal to no adjustments.  The Neuropsychiatric Clinic of Atlantis encourages and expects the patient to call for a sooner and more extensive appointment if problems arise in between scheduled appointments.

Conditions We Treat

Affective Disorders

Anxiety Disorders

Psychotic Disorders

Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence

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