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Medication Philosophy

Our Medication Philosophy

Dr. Warner’s philosophy of medication management is that it is often necessary to prescribe medications in correcting neurochemical imbalances that would be causing or contributing to any particular mental condition. He is extremely methodical at every point in your care, including the titration of new medications and reverse or cross titration of current medications that you might have already been prescribed. Dr. Warner and his stringently selected certified practitioners proceed in a very careful and thought out manner in prescribing medications related to the diagnosed illness or symptoms while keeping in view the medical history and what may or may not have been previously or currently prescribed. He and his providers think within and outside of the box at every step. Medication treatments that are FDA approved or when necessary off label prescribing that the latest research and clinical practices would indicate as safe, effective and would meet or exceed acceptable standards of care.

Although every person is unique and could have a different time frame for medication to offer the full benefit, our patients are followed quite carefully for treatment response or lack thereof. Particularly, this is done so within the initial 4 to 8 weeks with more frequent appointments. We have a team of certified medical assistants that convey information constantly to our providers throughout the day and at daily wrap up. Adjustments are made accordingly or when deemed necessary, a sooner or immediate appointment is scheduled.

The advantages of genetic testing include:

  • It can be quite useful in discovering unique variants in how a patient might require more, less or not at all of a particular medication or combination with another medication.
  • It could possibly assist in avoiding more bothersome or problematic side effects that could cause less less productivity at work or quality of life at home or outside of work
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