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Your First Step Towards Wellness 

You’re First Step Towards Wellness

Discover life as you envisioned or better than imagined with our comprehensive treatment plans that are uniquely designed for every patient. We offer Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for those who have failed traditional treatments or are seeking treatment without the systemic side effects of medications. Currently, we are the only provider group that offers this safe, highly effective, revolutionary, and transformational technology due west of Atlanta.

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We Genuinely Care About Your Emotional And Mental Well-Being. The Neuropsychiatric Clinic can help!

A Betters You

The Neuropsychiatric Clinic likely has your answer to the treatment of underlying neurochemical imbalances of acute and chronic mental illnesses that are causing you to live less than your best life . The practice having been founded in 2005 with Dr. Warner as a board certified psychiatrist and 22 years post-residency training experience along his ANCC certified practitioners  provide thoughtful and empathic treatment with your best interests in mind  from day one. If you or a loved one is struggling with even with the most treatment resistant mental health issues, Dr. Warner along with his certified practitioners will proceed in the most methodical and thoughtful manner that offer you the very best possibility of finding yourself living a content and blissful life again. Just know that taking the first  step with us can change your direction towards a life filled with wellness and confidence.

Many mental patients across Georgia cannot enjoy the joys of life due to chronic mental illnesses.

The absence of positivity and color due to acute mental illnesses limits their experiences, hampering the journey towards wellness. We at Neuropsychiatric Clinic, Georgia, take immense pride in providing thoughtful solutions to all your psychological problems in an empathetic manner.

The clinic was founded in 2005 to treat patients with their best interests in mind. There was no looking back since then as our steady growth meant that patients expected us to provide solutions to all their mental problems. At the Neuropsychiatric Clinic, all we hope the patients to do is take a leap of faith as we guide them towards a life of wellness and confidence.

Be it any and every mental health issue, we know how you feel, and this is why our therapy sessions and cures are mixed with love, professionalism, expertise, and affection.

A Betters You

Bipolar Disorder

Our experts schedule follows up appointments and maintenance procedures with the utmost professionalism and your well-being in mind. We train our experts to work tirelessly with you until the challenging period is over and you are medically fit to take on the world again.

Our specialized and reputable therapists work in perfect harmony with us to provide you coordinated care, regardless of the illness you suffer from.

Our primary focus is concerned with the happenings in your brain. We use cutting edge modern Neuropsychiatry to discover and treat the disorders in your brain and nervous system that is affecting your behavior thought process and feelings

Medication Philosophy


Medication Management is at the heart of our cure strategy. We believe effective medication management is necessary before prescribing medicines for correcting the imbalances that contribute or lead to a certain mental condition.
Dr. Warner, the founder of the Neuropsychiatric Clinic Georgia, is at the forefront of this war, leading it in a very systematic manner. His method and treatment strategy translate to the rest of the team as we try our best to imitate the methods used. Extreme diligence is practiced in each point of the care, including the cross or reverse titration of the current medications or the titration of new medications.
Dr. Warner has been extremely selective when choosing the staff, stringently onboarding practitioners who believe in the practice he pursues. This staff proceeds in an extremely thoughtful manner, prescribing medications that are related to the symptoms displayed while keeping an eye on your medical history and medications you have been prescribed in the past.
Here at the Neuropsychiatric Clinic, Georgia, we pride ourselves in thinking outside the box while ensuring our medication treatment is approved by the FDA. Although all patients are unique and have a different time span to recover fully, we keep our patients in check and investigate the treatment response. This is particularly done within the first 4-8 weeks of appointments. Our team of certified assistants is responsible for conveying patients progress to the board of practitioners throughout the day or at the end of it.
Our genuine care about the well-being and mental health of the residents of Georgia has allowed us to lend a helping hand. Hold the hand and contact the Neuropsychiatric Clinic if you want to get rid of all your mental demons.

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I struggled for years because of chronic depression and my hope was lost as almost everyone stopped interacting with me and antidepressants were of no use as they stopped impacting my depressive state. A friend of mine found Dr. Warners clinic online and since then, my life has become better and fruitful. The TMS therapy has done wonders for me and it is a blessing really.

Jessica | Age 36 | Georgia